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What Happens After an NHL Trade

Justin Noble, Senior Wealth Advisor for GAVIN Hockey Wealth Specialists, was interviewed in this report by Joe Smith, senior writer for The Athletic.  It describes the effort and inconvenience associated with players who pack up their lives after a trade.  To read the full article, click here.  An excerpt follows below.

As long as Marcus Johansson rents in the Twin Cities, the Wild are responsible for their mortgage for six months, per the Collective Bargaining Agreement. And, yes, that creates an unbalanced benefit for players who have paid off their homes and those who haven’t, according to Justin Noble of GAVIN Hockey Wealth Specialists, which represents 70 current players.  

Anyone who has ever moved might think this is a logistical nightmare. That’s why GAVIN actually provides a checklist to its players for reference, which also includes tips like telling your financial institutions you’re moving, filing change-of-address paperwork with the post office and organizing your kids’ school records.



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