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Your success is largely attributed to your focus, discipline and work ethic. You hire the best trainers, nutritionists and agents because they are specialists. You should apply the same process to choosing your financial representation. As former players, we’ve walked in your shoes. We’ve applied the same focus and discipline to deliver specialized service to hockey players for more than 20 years. Rookies, all-stars, award winners, veterans, and retirees. Our personnel is experienced and accredited. You deserve a team that is as professional and as specialized as you are.

For You and Your Family

Players understand that the strength of the team’s culture helps determine its future success and ability to overcome adversity. We foster that culture through our Membership concept. It signifies the alignment and fellowship of interests, teamwork and the virtue of personal relationships. Our team works for you – to ensure that you are well informed and feel confident in your continuing success. And, we do it with integrity; our words and deeds are consistent with our actions.

One Text, Email or Call to One Team

Investing, tax minimization, estate planning, asset protection and risk management, forecasting and cash flow management… we provide a comprehensive solution so you always know where to find answers. We’re here For The Players™. Whether in the US or in Canada, we are licenced and registered to manage your investment assets in compliance with securities and tax regulations on both sides of the border. Our goal is to ensure you transition from the game and into the next phase of your life with sufficient assets and investment income to look after your family and maintain your lifestyle.

Have Your Savings Work for You

The multi-asset class portfolios are designed for the long-term and centered on your required rate of return; and, seeking to achieve this result in a consistent, low volatility manner, irrespective of benchmark rates of return. The risk characteristics of a benchmark rarely relate to those of an investor; correspondingly, neither should the returns. Limiting downside volatility promotes commitment to the long-term strategy. Over time, the prospect for achieving long-term financial goals is enhanced by a disciplined investment management practice applied to portfolios that feature appealing valuation metrics, uncorrelated holdings and a total return (growth and income) focus.

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