Stew Gavin, NHL Alumni

This month’s player spotlight is NHL Alumni and GAVIN Hockey Wealth Specialists’ President, Stew Gavin. In 1980, the Ottawa native was selected 74th overall by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Stew wore the Blue and White for five campaigns before a pre-season trade moved him to Hartford. The gritty forward arrived in Minnesota before the 1988-89 season, where he would play for five seasons and appear in the 1991 Stanley Cup Final. After 13 NHL seasons as a player, Stew accepted a management position with the Dallas Stars in 1993-94. During his career, Stew recognized a need to develop a program to help NHL athletes achieve their financial goals. Accordingly, he returned to Toronto in 1994 to begin his transition into wealth management. Ultimately, Stew founded GAVIN Hockey Wealth Specialists in 2003 with the goal of building a team of professionals that would deliver top tier financial service to NHL players.