Goals matter

You earned your success. You deserve to enjoy it. Our strength is growing and defending what you built.

What We Do

We are committed to being leaders in the financial and hockey community. We are dedicated to our members, their goals and their long-term financial success.

Financial Planning

A planned-approach to financial independence. The more clear one can see what they are able to achieve the more likely they are to accomplish it.

Investment Management

Objective-based investing for residents of Canada and the US. Portfolios are designed to deliver the investor’s long-term required return. Reliably and consistently.


We’re Specialists

We specialize in making professional hockey players financially secure. For life.

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We Grind

We push ourselves to keep you a step ahead. We know the game plan.

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We Do it With Integrity

We are completely open and transparent in everything we do. Because we grew up that way.

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And We Love This Game

We know hockey, the players, the culture. We are part of your community.

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