Portfolio Management Canadian Investors

Objective–Based Investing

Mission Statement

To achieve its Members’ long-term, required rate of return in a consistent, low volatility manner, irrespective of benchmark rates of return. Above all, the firm is committed to overachieving the fiduciary standard; as such, the highest standard of care for the member’s money is paramount. Genuine transparency, fee-disclosure and straightforward communication.

Investment Philosophy

GMG Private Counsel Inc. designs portfolios for the long-term.  We combine a variety of investments and managers to limit risk and to grow assets reliably.

GMG’s objective-based investing discipline is centered on the member’s required rate of return; and, seeking to achieve this result in a consistent, low volatility manner, irrespective of benchmark rates of return.  The risk characteristics of a benchmark rarely relate to those of an investor; correspondingly, neither should the returns.  As GMG designs portfolios that seek to achieve long-term investment objectives, limiting downside volatility promotes commitment to the long-term strategy.  Portfolios that are comprised of securities that demonstrate low or negative correlation with each other will reduce volatility.

Over time, the prospect for achieving long-term financial goals is enhanced by a disciplined investment management practice applied to portfolios that feature appealing valuation metrics, uncorrelated holdings and a total return (growth and income) focus.