Market Recap & Box Score

Our regular summary of the capital markets. Check back each month for new updates.

Monthly Recap: January 2017

Unexpectedly, trading volumes retreated as Trump’s inauguration approached.  The market volatility that was supposed to accompany the new president was absent as market pundits celebrated ‘Dow 20,000’ on 25-Jan-17.  Though we find the number rather meaningless, the fact that markets have continued to rise, along with valuations, renews the need for caution.  The recent rally, …

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Monthly Recap: December 2016

Markets and volatility continue to move in opposite directions as the US awaits the inauguration of President Elect Trump. As expected, the US stock indices are leading the way with the S&P 500 rising 3.5% over the past month. The trend of low volatility sectors such as Utilities, Telecoms and Consumer Defensive names outperforming has …

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Monthly Recap: November 2016

While US markets soared to all-time highs this month, the peak was reached in a roundabout manner. As news surfaced that the FBI would re-open its investigation into Hilary’s email scandal, the S&P dropped 3.2% by 04-Nov-16. As the investigation closed, markets turned upward heading into the election with pollsters once again signaling a victory …

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