Market Recap & Box Score

Our regular summary of the capital markets. Check back each month for new updates.

Monthly Recap: December 2017

The US led markets higher in December.  The S&P 500 bounced more than 4% as Trump’s tax plan is closer to passing.  Hopes are anchored on the belief that US companies will distribute tax savings to employees in the form of wage growth while also pumping cash back into the economy through capital expenditures.  This …

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Monthly Recap: A Primer on Bitcoin

As Bitcoin’s price has soared almost 2,000% since December 2016, the volume of enquiries from clients has closely mapped the meteoric rise.  Regular readers may remember our comments in our July 2017 newsletter which explained the basics behind cryptocurrencies.  Fast-forward five months, Bitcoin’s value has rocketed from US$3,000 to over US$16,000 with momentum accelerating. Accordingly, …

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Monthly Recap: November 2017

November was another positive month for markets, with almost all asset classes taking part.  The S&P 500 and MSCI World Indices each gained 1.7% during the period, with strength from technology and consumer discretionary sectors offset by weakness in telecom and industrials.  In Canada, the TSX lagged global indices, up 0.3%, after outperforming in October.  …

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