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Monthly Recap: Monthly Recap & Boxscore, October 2014

Equity markets reversed after a shaky start to October, which initially appeared to be a genuine sell-off. A potential global slowdown, particularly out of Europe and Asia, sent equity markets tumbling in early October, the most volatile period since 2011. Specifically, the VIX surged 89%, but closed the month down 14%, as anxiety of a …

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Monthly Recap: Monthly Market Review, September 2014

Equity investors closed the month in heightened alert, sparked by a collection of events, including Russia’s ongoing battle with the West, escalation in the Middle East and protests in Hong Kong. The S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average ended the month down 1.40% and 0.32%, respectively. Despite a relatively flat month for The …

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Monthly Recap: Monthly Market Review, August 2014

Global equity markets recovered from the July pullback, with the MSCI All Country Index soaring 2.61% in August. U.S. equity markets had their largest monthly gain since February, supported by M&A activity and positive economic and earnings reports. Specifically, revised data revealed the world’s largest economy grew 4.2% annualized during the second quarter versus the …

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