Athlete Management

A Planned Approach to Financial Independence

Mission Statement

To be a player-focused organization. It is our desire to help educate and protect professional athletes to ensure they achieve financial independence.
To provide an integrated financial independence program while exhibiting the highest standards of ethics, integrity and professionalism.

About the Program

Through a variety of service levels, GMG is the core trusted advisor for all matters related to its members’ financial needs.

The Membership concept is integral to the program.  It signifies the alignment and fellowship of interests, teamwork and the virtue of personal relationships.  Members benefit from an experienced in-house service team, a network of specialists, complete objectivity and unparalleled ethics, integrity and disclosure.

GMG’s objective is to help its members accumulate sufficient savings during their professional careers, so that when the athlete transitions from the game, they are able to generate enough income from their investment assets to maintain their standard of living.  Essentially, they will never need to work again.

To accomplish this goal, GMG is dedicated to educating its members and protecting their interests.  GMG coordinates all activities related to cash flow management, tax minimization and compliance, purchase advisory, estate planning, risk management and independence forecasting.

Through this long-term, planned approach, good habits are established, harmful events are avoided and opportunities are optimized.